The goal of this project is the training of 200 unemployed or underemployed youth, aged 18-29, from different ethnic backgrounds, with pre-university level education, with the aim to equip them with the necessary soft and technical skills to partake in the local job market and compete in the global digital economy through online work. The training will increase the opportunities for youth to partake in the labour market: domestically by easing their transition through internships and internationally through online jobs.

This will be achieved through 200 hundred hours of training for FREE, certification, soft and technical-skill development, mentoring, and internship placement in domestic market or online job attainment in the global economy.

Capacity building intervention will aim to instill two types of skills: transferable skills that are implementable across disciplines such as English language skills, communication skill, ability to work in teams, critical thinking skills, ability to solve problems and ability to apply for a job (CV writing, interview, bidding in online jobs, etc.); and ICT related technical skills focusing on the most in-demand jobs such as Web and Mobile Computing and IT Technician jobs.

Transition to the labour market will be done through internship placement and experiential learning in Kosovo based ICT companies and in cases where candidates may prefer working from home mentoring in attaining the online jobs will be provided.

The targeted beneficiaries benefiting from direct intervention are young people aged 18-29 from equal gender distribution that are willing to attend training in Prishtina, Ferizaj and Peja. The beneficiaries will be unemployed or underemployed youth. The beneficiaries benefiting indirectly include companies needing ICT and non-ICT services, other private businesses, regional/municipal career centers, regional employment centers, youth centers etc.

Project Period: 01/02/2018 – 31/12/2019