Who is eligible to participate in A.U.K TDI’s training courses and workshops?

A.U.K TDI’s professional training courses and workshops are available to all participants regardless of experience or educational background.

What if I have to work when a courses is offered?

Most of IT and English training courses are offered in both: morning and evening hours, whereas most of Business and Management and Project Management training courses and workshops are offered during weekends. If there is a training course during working hours; we encourage managers to allow employees to participate in their professional development.

How can I find out about upcoming training courses and workshops?

To receive latest news and upcoming training courses and workshops, please subscribe in the end of the web page, visit the home page of our website and/or follow us on Facebook. A.U.K TDI’s training courses and workshops are listed under the Schedule Page.

How do I register for a training course or workshop?

Interested participants may register online by clicking here. After we receive your electronic application, one of our staff members will contact you about student contract and pro-invoice. Registration is accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

How do I pay for training courses and workshops?

Payment must be made at the time of registration via bank transfer or POS payment. If you have questions concerning training workshop’s payment or payment options please contact us at auki@auk.org or at 038 608 608 ext. 608 or 049 774 112.

Do I receive certification for these training courses or workshops?

Participants who attend training workshops receive Certificate of Participation for that particular workshop. Participants who attend CISCO and MICROSOFT classes, upon their successful completion of the final exams, will receive Certificates of Completion.

Do you run public training courses or customized training courses?

We offer both: public training courses and customized training courses which are based on organization’s special training needs.

We know we need to train and develop our people but we are not sure about the best way to assess this, can you help?

A.U.K TDI can help carry out a full Training Needs Assessment for a department or a whole organization that will help you establish exactly what training you require. On the other hand, we can design and deliver a customized training course based on your requirements that you have made.