Group Discount Policy

Group discount will be offered to companies, in the below listed method.

  • 3 – 5% for 5 students
  • 7% for 10 students
  • 11% for 15 students
  • 15% for 20 students

Or else if previously agreed by the Institute and the Registered Students/Organizations. The discount will be offered only if requested by the institution.

Special Pricing

Special pricing can be offered to groups (non-public courses) coming from the governmental, NGO and business community. Custom built courses can have special pricing as well, depending on the negotiation by the two parties. The prices will be listed in the contracts signed by these institutions.

Second Chance Opportunity (IT Essentials and CCNA Routing & Switching)

Cisco Students who fail on their final and/or skills exam in their studies are entitled for the second chance opportunity. During second chance opportunity, students are not obliged to listen to all the lectures, but need to show up for the chapter and final exam only. They will learn on their own, but are encouraged to take part in core lab exercises.

The price of the second chance opportunity is 50€. The price will cover the administrative overhead. The second chance opportunity applies only to Cisco Networking Academy with the exemption of the CCNP Course.

* A.U.K Training and Development Institute reserves the right on assigning this opportunity to specific course schedules; depending on availability.

Second Course Offer

The second course offer applies only to existing students who are active on a course, but would want to enroll at another course at the same time.

The second course can be taken at a 50% discount of the training price. This means that direct cost such as the book, the exam, etc. will be exempt from this discount.

*A.U.K Training and Development Institute, at its own discretion, and at its own convenient time will offer this opportunity to its students, and may seize it whenever it wants.

Summer Opportunity Program

In order to stimulate registration in the Cisco Program, A.U.K Training and Development Institute will offer the entry level courses at a special discount during the summer. In summer opportunity, the price of these courses will be 98.00€!

* This offer is valid only for individuals.

Disadvantaged Group Program

A.U.K Training and Development Institute may offer a free training or special discounts for disadvantaged groups (those with reduced access to resources such as people with disabilities, people under social assistance scheme, minorities, and LGBT people).  In order to be part of this program, candidates need to submit a written form to the A.U.K Training and Development Institute for approval. For more information, please contact the A.U.K Training and Development Institute Administrator at auki@auk.org

*AUK Training and Development Institute will reserve the right when to enroll these students, based on available class spaces.

Staff Discount Policy

A.U.K Training and Development Institute will issue one voucher per each staff and faculty member in every academic year, that provide a special discount on any course offering. The discount will be applied only to the training price. Exams, books, and any third party items will be exempt from this discount.

Training Discount Vouchers

A.U.K Training and Development Institute continuously offer a voucher system providing discounts to encourage candidates to be part of any training program.  Please check our website and social media for latest updates on the offer.

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) Student and Alumni

All RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) students are entitled to a 50% discount on all training programs offered at A.U.K Training and Development Institute. Additionally, all RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) alumni are entitled to 20% discount. The discount is applicable for training price only.

Early Bird Offer

Training programs part of the Business and Management Training Pillar on special cases are offered with a 20% discount. Please check our website and social media for latest updates on the offer.


A.U.K Training and Development Institute in partnership with IPKO Telecommunications, provides 10% discount on collected 200 points from IPKO Pika. For more information on how to convert the points please check HERE.