Success in the business world depends a lot on one particular intangible asset – your human capital. At the end of the day it is people who drive the business further.

A.U.K Training and Development Institute can help you bring your human potential to a next level and conduct a cultural transformation that will have a positive and measurable impact on the bottom line. Our customized training and development programs for your people or organization as a whole include, but is not limited to: Leadership Development for Executives and Top Management, Management Programs, Sales, Customer Service and Account Management Trainings, Information and Communication Technology Trainings and Business Trainings.

These customized trainings address the specific needs of organizations in different areas such as leadership, team building, organizational development, internal and external communication, and program development.  Besides using varied instructional tools such as simulations, exercises, best practices and work groups, our customized trainings are designed, developed and facilitated in such a way as to ensure that training meets organization’s and employee’s needs and  are practical and ready to be deployed in their working place.

Through our customized trainings, we have enhanced the skills of over 500 employees and executives.

The following are some examples of customized training developed and delivered by AUK Training and Development Institute:

  • TDI has worked with USAID and Kosovo Municipalities in developing trainer skills through Train the Trainers

  • Must – Win Battle workshop (strategic planning) for a major bank during the recent financial crisis

  • Developing Project Managers by using ongoing company projects for Airport and RBKO

  • Developing sales skills for 120 employees of IPKO Telecommunications, 43 new TEB Bank employees and other companies such as construction and tourism.

  • Worked closely with Employment Centers in Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and Lux-Development in building 90 skilled employees ready to face the 21st century challenges

  • English testing and training for the Kosovo Parliament staff

Whether an organization needs to update current employee’s skills, train new employees, face new competition, increase positive customer interactions, strengthen leadership qualities or develop innovative ideas and strategies, A.U.K Training and Development Institute can develop and deliver appropriate customized training programs.

For more information, please contact us at auki@auk.org or directly from the form below: