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Q. What is V-Ray training?

A. Chaos Group in Sofia in 1997 established the biased computer-generated imagery rendering software application. It is a is a commercial plug-in for third-party 3D computer graphics software applications and is used for visualizations and computer graphics in industries such as media, entertainment, film and video game production, industrial design, product design and architecture.

Q. Who can attend this training?

A. V-Ray training program is built for architecture, interior design, industrial but the same work flow can be used in almost every professional field. With a full suite of tools, designers can render anything — from early massing models to photorealistic imagery, animation and VR of the final design. For any architectural project, V-Ray connects seamlessly with the top 3D modeling and design applications.

The V-Ray training program is designed for beginner – or intermediate-level V-Ray users, students and professionals looking to expand their knowledge and develop their skills. The program is a perfect fit for anyone who is passionate about rendering and wants to boost their career and stand out from the crowd. Official training program is identic for all authorized trainers of V-Ray around the world.

Q. What are the objectives of the program?

A. After successfully finishing the training participants of official V-Ray training program can expect to gain knowledge and understanding of following topics:
-3D modeling using 3ds Max
-Composition in photography
-Color harmonies in design
-V-Ray Parameters
-V-Ray Lights
-V-Ray Materials
-Using render elements and Photoshop to make your rendering stand out in the crowd.
-Photorealistic lighting in studio conditions.
-Photorealistic rendering of projects in daylight conditions.(Exterior and interior)
-Photorealistic rendering of projects in night-time conditions.(Exterior and interior)
-Working efficiently Using plugins and scripts

Q. Is there a certification after successfully finishing the training?

A. After successfully finishing the official V-Ray certification-training program, participants can obtain two certificates:
-Certificate of Attendance (COA)
All participants of this training who have successfully completed 70% of the workshops will be receive a certificate of participation (Certificate of Attendance COA) issued directly by Chaos Group Headquarters, which is recognized by every architectural and design studio in the world.
-V-Ray Certified Professional (VCP)
This certification is obtained after finishing the online exam. Through a special link for the VCP Test. The test is only 60 minutes to answer 79 questions, to receive the certification you need to answer correctly 70% of the questions.

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