Strategic Marketing – Planning and Execution

Marketing is in the core of any operation within a business. It represents the principles for interfacing internally and externally with organization stakeholders. This training is entitled to provide a holistic view of marketing from marketing theory, marketing strategy and marketing tactics. The course will provide participants with knowledge, understanding and skills for the marketing role within an organization; which is acquired through lectures, in-class discussions and case studies. Participants will grasp key ideas on marketing planning, marketing strategy and tools that can be used to improve their business performance in the market. The outcome of the training shall be the presentation of a marketing plan generated by students with the help of tutor.


Upon completion of this training, the learner will be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of planning and implementing value based marketing
  • Be able to learn and create strategies in relation to competitiveness differentiation, offering higher value than the competition
  • Consequently, you will be able to learn about offerings like: better price strategies, better differentiation, unique positioning in the market that your combination represents adequate long-term strategy for personal and organizational success.
  • Learn techniques, trends, communication, and marketing behavior.
  • Learn how to identify goals directly related to the buyer’s needs, how to get out as much as possible from your team, and how to use marketing management tools to complete the job on time.


Training is divided into three pillars: (i) Theories of Marketing, (ii) Marketing Strategies, and (iii) Marketing Tactics.

Marketing Theory

  • Theories in marketing and its concepts
  • Marketing’s importance and role within the organization and value-based planning with marketing metrics
  • Foundations of marketing, being customer satisfaction and need analysis, value generation, internal marketing, marketing intelligence generation and dissemination and lastly market orientation.

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing planning, setting strategic objectives and alternative strategies along with controversies, and the strategic curve with different examples from various industries.
  • External analysis (customer analysis, competitor analysis, market analysis and environmental analysis)
  • Internal analysis (internal marketing, financial performance and profitability, portfolio analysis and strengths and weaknesses)
  • Brand management
  • Strategic objectives and focus
  • Alternative strategies such as growth, diversification etc.,
  • Controversies in marketing strategy such as innovation, imitation, features etc.

Marketing Tactics

  • Marketing mix tailored for product and service based industries,
  • Relationship marketing and loyalty
  • Considering generation and retention tactics.
  • Presentation of four and seven P’s of marketing, relationship marketing, and perceptions versus experiences, satisfaction-trust-loyalty, levels of loyalty and loyalty generation strategies.


This training is intended for everyone who has an interest in management, marketing, or development of knowledge. All those in a marketing position, but have no formal training in this field and who seek a career in marketing, but need to know more about what is involved before making a major investment in higher education.


Successful delivery of the training requires 32 training contact hours.

Since most of the candidates are working professional, we usually deliver all lectures on Saturday’s. This training model has been proposed in order to allow enough time for participants to study, work in groups and read thoroughly official materials.

Lectures are held from 9:00AM to 4:00PM at the main building of A.U.K.

Training Item Price Invoice
Strategic Marketing  P&E 277.00 € Download 

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