Strategic Marketing – Branding and Communication

Organizations are becoming aware that one of their most valuable assets for differentiation, better market performance and financial returns is the brand associated with their products and services. Understanding of key branding concepts such as creation, communication and managing brands over time is of value to anyone being part of an organization either in marketing departments or supplementary.


Upon completion of this training, the learner will be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Learn about the most successful models of global and regional companies to understand the reasons behind the actions taken
  • Learn about the practical part of the strategies that have been implemented within certain contexts and are presented through examples and case studies (Coca-Cola, Skoda, Swatch, BMW, Intel etc.)
  • Learn about best communication practices depending on the selected channels which will be explored through (video and images) and then be discussed within the group to reach literally established and communicated a message assigned.


The course is split in two main pillars, Branding and Integrated Marketing Communications.

  • Branding
    1. Brand Role
    2. Brand Planning
    3. Brand Positioning and Differentiation
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
    1. Media planning
    2. Consumer behavior
    3. Communication channels
    4. The creative message – strategy and execution


These course is intended for individuals who work in marketing or communications department, communications agency. Those who are at the strategic level of an organization and view important the creation of a strong brand and are willing to listen and discuss new trends in the field of brand and communications.


Successful delivery of the training requires 32 training contact hours.

Since most of the candidates are working professional, we usually deliver all lectures on Saturday’s. This training model has been proposed in order to allow enough time for participants to study, work in groups and read thoroughly official materials.

Lectures are held from 9:00AM to 4:00PM at the main building of A.U.K.

Training Item Price Invoice
Strategic Marketing C&B 277.00 € Download 

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