IT Essentials 7.0


The IT Essentials course covers the fundamentals of computer and mobile devices hardware and software and advanced concepts such as security, networking, and the responsibilities of an IT professional. It is designed for students who want to pursue careers in IT and students who want to gain practical knowledge of how a computer and mobile devices works.


The Cisco IT Essentials (ITE) curriculum offers a hands-on, career-oriented learning experience with an emphasis on practical activities to help students develop fundamental computer and career skills. IT Essentials helps students prepare for entry-level ICT career opportunities and the CompTIA A+ certification.

Here are some examples of working environments and jobs that may be available to students after completing this course:

  • A corporate or mobile environment with a high level of face-to-face client interaction. Job titles include enterprise technician, IT administrator, field service technician, and PC technician.
  • A remote-based work environment that emphasizes client interaction, client training, operating systems, and connectivity issues. Job titles include remote support technician, help desk technician or IT specialist.
  • Settings with limited customer interaction where hardware-related activities are emphasized. Job titles include depot technician and bench technician. In addition, ITE provides a learning pathway to the Cisco CCNA® curricula. IT Essentials can be delivered as an independent curriculum or integrated into a broader course of study, such as technology or continuing education programs
  • Objectives

    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Select the appropriate computer components to build, repair, or upgrade personal computers.
    • Install and configure components to build, repair, or upgrade personal computers.
    • Perform troubleshooting on personal computers
    • Explain how computers communicate on a network.
    • Configure devices to communicate on a network.
    • Explain how to troubleshoot laptops and other mobile devices.
    • Install a printer to meet requirements.
    • Describe virtualization and cloud computing.
    • Install Windows operating systems.
    • Perform management and maintenance of Windows operating systems.
    • Explain how to configure, secure, and troubleshoot mobile, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.
    • Implement basic host, data, and network security.
    • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the IT Professional.


    The course contains these components:

    • Introduction to Personal Computer Hardware
    • PC Assembly
    • Advanced Computer Hardware
    • Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    • Networking Concepts
    • Applied Networking
    • Laptops and other Mobile Devices
    • Printers
    • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
    • Windows Installation
    • Windows Configuration
    • Mobile, Linux, and OS X Operating Systems
    • Security
    • The IT Professional


    IT Essentials is ideal for students seeking entry-level IT positions in companies, government agencies, educational institutions, or service providers, or to work for themselves.

    Career pathways include: IT/technical support, field service technician, help desk technician, network support technician, and more.


    The course is delivered in 70 contact hours of training.

    Classes are usually held three times a week on two-hour sessions. There are two possible day combinations: Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

    Associated Certifications

  • IT Essentials 7.0 covers topics that are in the newest version of CompTIA’s A+ Core1 and Core2 certification exams.
  • Includes practice exams and activities to help the learners prepare for the new exams.
  • Over time the course will also evolve to support other industry standards.
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