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Business English course includes work on the essential skills of English-reading, writing, speaking and listening and also work on grammar, business vocabulary and pronunciation

This course is designed to prepare students for the AUK TDI Business English Certificate, Preliminary Level. It is designed to help employees adjust to an English-speaking environment.

We specialize in building courses around individual’s language needs for one-on-one training. Or, where several employees’ needs are similar, we can tailor industry-specific programs to suit the business environment including real-life workplace examples.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Improve your fluency and accuracy in speaking. By the end of the course you should feel confident about your pronunciation and be able to communicate effectively in situations reflected in the oral component of the examination
  • Develop your listening skills so that you can understand conversations, discussions, interviews and monologues in order to deal with the variety of tasks required in the oral examination
  • Read and respond to different text types in order to manage the tasks required in the examination
  • Improve your accuracy in business writing, including letters, emails, memos and faxes
  • Thoroughly revise areas of grammar including tenses, conditionals, passives, articles and countable and uncountable nouns.
  • Learn and use new business vocabulary
  • Develop examination skills and strategies


The course contains the following components:

  • Writing Skills
    • Master pre- writing strategies
    • Write a variety of texts in the target language
  • Reading Skills
    • Use pre-reading strategies (skimming, scanning, predicting, previewing) to identify main ideas of a text, develop critical thinking while reading the text and improve the reading speed
    • View and read a variety of texts in the target language and respond appropriately
  • Listening and Speaking Skills
    • Discuss information from readings or from listening of audio tapes
    • Develop vocabulary through exposure to authentic spoken language, by conversation and discussion of current business/cultural/topical issues
    • Have a good pronunciation developed through pronunciation practice, from sounds to connected speech
    • Express opinions and prepare, organize and deliver presentations to an audience or participate in a large group discussion.


This is a public course. It is offered to anyone who is interested to advance their English knowledge skills, and more specifically to those that intend to work in an English speaking environment. Students will be asked to have regular attendance on all training sessions. Regular, consistent, and diligent study of all assigned lessons and completion of final assignments on courses that require the final assignment to be met.


Training consists out of 30 contact hours of training.

Training is delivered through three times per week on two-hour sessions per day. However, the schedule can be arranged as it suits the client based on a mutual agreement among both parties involved.

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Training Only 195.00 €
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