24 Sep 2018

Visiting Student Lana Pedisic, from Croatia talks about Kosova and life at the RIT/A.U.K campus

Lana Pedisic (class of 2019) comes from Croatia, Zagreb. She joined this campus during the fall semester of 2015. Lana enjoys traveling and loves living in Kosova. She finds Kosova an interesting, friendly and a very welcoming country. Lana’s love for animals has her embrace a lifestyle of veganism. She enjoys the vivid nightlife that Prishtina has to offer, but only when she has free time from her studies. Lana has found the perfect balance between going out and studying and maintains a high GPA. She is an excellent student who is planning to graduate with majors in Public Policy and Media at RIT/A.U.K.

Lana moved to Kosova from the United States of America. She likes the challenge of adapting to a new country and especially meeting new people from all over the world. When asked if Lana finds being a vegan difficult here in Kosova she responded by explaining that the prices of fruit and vegetables are really affordable and there are a nice variety of different things, which in turn makes it easy. One of her favourite places to eat in Prishtina is the Thai Restaurant. Here she enjoys the various dishes offered that is compatible to her lifestyle choices of being a vegan.

When asked about her time at RIT/A.U.K Lana said; ‘Before coming here I lived in America and am happy to say that RIT/A.U.K follows the same educational practices. The professors and students are very helpful and friendly and it has made my transition very easy. There is a range of different clubs within RIT/A.U.K that provide great opportunities for me to express my talents and skills in a sociable environment.’ Lana is particularly interested in the Art and Music related clubs because they give her a means to express her creativity through painting and drawing. Lana mentioned that the campus is cosy and comfortable. She especially likes the gardens, the displays of artwork throughout the buildings, and how there are large windows that allow natural light to penetrate into the classrooms.

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